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Scott H. from Olympia, Wa.   got his custom made to order strap today

"METAL MANIA" and said "If God played guitar then Bob made his strap"

Thanks Scott your #1


Jeff H. from Westminster, Md. 

Custom ordered a Duane Allman Tribute strap called

"SKYDOG" nicknamed after Duane...his comments when he

received it... This is the most comfortable strap I have ever had

across my shoulder, truly one of a kind and glad it belongs to me. 

Jeff then ordered strap #2 called "STONEY CREEK"  where the

idea came from a pair of his wife's boots.  Jeff came back for #3

called "SKYDOG" with calf hair on, and strap #4 was "RANGE RYDER".

Here it what he had to say when he received them.. "These  straps

looked so good in the photos you sent but I can't believe how

GREAT they are in person". Jeff again with #5 a custom strap called

"BLUEZ RYDER" a SRV Tribute...he said, Hi Bob.. Well you did it again!!!

This strap is just what I wanted.  When I go to the local music store

I just smile when I walk by the rack that holds the guitar straps.

The ones in the store are sad and thin...

Guess what, yes Jeff did it again, he ordered his 6th custom strap

called the "J-BYRD" very cool... and he said.. I love the strap! 

I believe this is my favorite. Thanks for the GREAT job. 

I may have to do some more 3" straps in the future. 

Strap #7 & #8 was a matching pair of 3" wide black leather straps

with a "J" embroidered on one and a "C" on the other, named


       As a foot note, to Thank Jeff for giving us the idea of the

original SKYDOG strap, and purchasing many more custom straps from us,

we have designed and built a strap called "BOOT LEGGER" and

shipped it to him as a gift from "GUITSTRAPPED"


Michel J.  lives in the Netherlands and bought a cool strap named "JU-JU"

here is what he said when it came to his door... it looks very BEAUTIFUL,

it smells good also (the leather).  My girlfriend said it looks like a jewel

and would also be nice hanging on the wall just to look at....


Josh M. from Melbourne Australia just received his custom strap named

"Y' Ddraig Goch or THE RED DRAGON" he said I love it..

It looks Fantastic.. and feels even better.


Wally F. from the Great state of Georgia just received his

(1st but not last) custom strap named "SOARING EAGLE"...

he stated your attention to detail and craftsmanship is astounding!!

I AM COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY!  There is a tremendous amount

of value in your straps; practical value, comfort value,

and artistic value, and go figure Wally went on to purchase

THREE more custom designed straps..


he called me personally and was very excited to say the least. 

Thanks for all your kind words Wally, I appreciate YOU DUDE!!!!


Lee H. from Alabama, one of my first customers

ordered a custom design strap.. "LE HOMBRE" looks awesome

I love everything about it. Then he came back and ordered

"THE RATTLER" this is the most unique and coolest strap

I've ever seen anywhere!!! Oh here comes #3, he ordered

a custom design strap called the "SILVER SUN" he said this

"I am more than satisfied with the strap.. it's amazing..

seriously the most awesome looking.. feeling.. strap

I've ever seen.. period!"


Jason H. from Niagara Falls, N.Y. received his strap "PANCHO"

his comment.... In my 30 years of playing guitar this is the

NICEST strap I have ever seen or owned. Jason then bought

his second strap.. "STAR GAZER" and wrote back,

I got the new strap today and I can't believe it. 

The picture you had of this strap nowhere near does it any justice..

This strap is absolutely gorgeous.  You do fantastic work!!!.

His 3rd strap is "EAGLES III" Here are his comments:

Got the strap today.... I didn't think it was possible to make a

Taylor 714 CE look nicer, but you proved me wrong, "Again"!

The new strap looks awesome.  You are the best.


Doug D. from Torrance,  Ca. ordered "CROSS ROADS"

a custom strap.. he said he loved this strap.. Thanks for being

very Helpful and Professional.. I will recommend you!!!!


Chris A. comes to us from Bakersfield, Ca...

(home of the great Buck Owens)...and just got his custom "SKYDOG"

w/traditional slots..  his words were "I am absolutely thrilled

with the strap, it fits like a favorite old pair of boots......

ALSO.. another comment by Chris was Very beautiful strap you made..

Very simple.. elegant and masculine.. a gun fighter would have

owned this to rock out on.


Jackson D. from "Jackson Deerfield Band" in Nashville....

ordered and designed a very wild custom strap and I

followed through and made his dream strap "CRAZY HORSE". 

His thoughts: Bob I am really at a loss for words my friend! 

Just got this sweet, sweet work of art "CRAZY HORSE" and

it is just unbelievably beautiful!  The craftsmanship that has

gone into this strap is absolutely sweet. I have to tell you Bob...

if there was a "HALL OF FAME" for strap builders I would for sure

induct you!!!  The leather, like you said "is to die for". The feathers

are just too cool and then comes the black fringe at the end! 

The feathers are "right on" the mark! Owning a strap like this

has been a "dream of mine for many years and you have made one

of my dearest dreams come true"!  Thank you my friend...

I really don't know how you could top this one, but you know....

"I'll be back again"!  Jackson. True to his words Jackson is back

for strap #2. He ordered a "LYNYRD SKYNYRD TRIBUTE" strap

named "FREEBIRD" here is his first words on it...

I am absolutely speechless...most beautiful strap I have ever

seen bar none...I must say I believe that you are the best

at what you do.. You are the God of guitar strap makers.

          (Thank you Jackson your a great friend)

Yes it's #3 and Jackson bought the "SUNBURST" custom strap...

when he received it ...WOW...WOW....WOW....This is one beautiful

piece of work.. I am really Speechless...


David G. from Avon, United Kingdom has just purchased "EL CHIEF"

my Native American Tribute strap... he commented... Very Very Pleased...

it's great! Lovely workmanship...Just what I was looking for!!!


Roland V.  hails from the Netherlands and custom ordered a

unique strap made of Stingray Hide, we named it "STINGRAY

"he received it and said, beautiful and perfect "I am stoked".


Roman M. from St. Catharines, Ontario Canada purchased

the "TEQUILA SUNRISE" a very unique strap.. his thoughts...

A work of art...Thanks very much!!!


Giovanni M. from Verona, Italy heard of the World famous straps

by "GUITSTRAPPED" and purchased the beautiful "TEXAS LONGHORN"

his comments and I quote," This is the most beautiful guitar strap

I have ever seen, excellent workmanship, beautiful leather,

conchos, and great packaging!!!!


Timo H. from Colma, Ca. Custom ordered his dream strap

"THE RACERS EDGE".. It is so cool, Couldn't be happier,

a working piece of art.. you've done yourself proud!!!!


Chuck C.from Danbury,Ct. just got his 1st Guitstrapped strap

named "BEADED SUNSHINE I" his comments ... Awesome Strap.

Really Beautiful.. great workmanship, I love the colors...

Thanks Bob the certificate is a nice touch. I will be looking at

another strap shortly. Later Chuck ordered 3 more custom straps


for his band members. 


Gary V. from Northern Ca. is excited about Guitstrapped straps!! 

He ordered his 1st custom 3" wide one named

"SILVER STARR PHOENIX". He said... this strap is just awesome!!! 

Such quality, and the custom made aspect shines through just right.

I've actually had it for a couple of hours, but had to strap it on a

guitar and play for awhile.  It's inspiring!  It took me a couple

of hours to stop, so I could email you. Gary's 2nd strap was a

custom strap named "SPOTTED EAGLE" his words...Boy this is one

cool strap!!!!  Can't wait to start using it tonight! Oh did I mention

this is #3 called the "SOLANO STARR" he told me...all I can say is WOW,

again,  I totally love the color! And it's perfect!


Roman M. from St. Catharines, Ontario Canada purchased

the "TEQUILA SUNRISE" a very unique strap.. his thoughts...

A work of art...Thanks very much!!!  Roman then purchased his

2nd strap named "SKY MARSHALL" he wrote back to say...

Bob, Thank you very much, I picked up the strap today

and it is gorgeous, the color, the eagle, very nice.  Thanks again, Roman.


Paul G. from New York ordered a custom for his

Gibson Explorer/Firebird...I named it "EXP" and he said...

Can't say enough about the strap.  It's absolutely beautiful

and 100% functional.  It's width stabilizes my Firebird V,

the most headstock heavy guitar made. This strap is the cure...period.


David S. hails from Queens, N.J. and custom ordered his 1st..

a cool strap named "SAVOY CLASSIC".. He wrote back to say..

It is first rate quality work, then ordered a 2nd custom

named "BASIN STREET STANDARD" and said, It's better than the

first one You did it!  I am addicted...Thanks for your

quality work and professionalism..  His 3rd strap was

another of his ideas...this one named the "BASINSTREET SPECIAL",

he said WOW! It looks fantastic!  The strap looks very classy....


Doug H. from Prescott, Az. of the "CASH DAILY BAND"

bought 2 straps from me "AGGRESSOR" and "MALTESE MADHATTER"

or Bullet Strap as Doug calls it. I just wanted to let you know

that I really LOVE the straps you made for me. Every where I play,

people comment on it.  It's a real eye catcher and I'm so glad I bought

it from you.


Waylyn M. from Michigan and of "THE BUSTIN LOOSE BAND" bought

"BORDER BANDITO" a very cool WIDE 5 1/2" strap!!!

This is the greatest Guitar Strap I have ever gotten. 

               Thanks, your A-1 in my book.


Tom S. of Orchard Park, New York

topped the list of owning the most GUITSTRAPPED CUSTOM STRAPS

"26" yes that's twenty-six to date and he is very excited about them..










These last 2 straps are amazing, what am I saying, all the straps

you have made are amazing, but these are even more amazing,

most amazing!!! If I'm not the luckiest guy in the world then

I certainly rank in the top 10 !!! Thank you so much for your

craftsmanship, it is definitely appreciated. Tom S.    

                               As a footnote:

Tom purchased a total of 26 straps over the years, when he

received #24 we decided to surprise Tom with a beautiful

embroidered denim strap "INDEPENDENCE DAY" with #25

written on the inside, Tom has said some very wonderful things

about the straps he has purchased from GUITSTRAPPED over the years,

I just want to share a couple of his quotes.

The black on white music notes, the reversibility, notes on the back

a mirror image of those on the front, this is pure genius.

                 I am glad that I own this "mistake".

       It's about as much of a mistake as the MONA LISA!!!

The second of these quotes is, So,.. just imagine how I felt

as I opened the package of multiple straps I just received from Bob,

not rushing, but savoring every moment as I slowly opened and

experienced all these straps one by one and then all laid out

before me, and then looking around the room to where I had all

my other straps adorning my many guitars. "I now have an idea

of how they must have felt upon opening up KING TUT'S tomb

and being in that room with all the treasures and artistry before them.


                           From Bob & Diana.. Thank you, Tom!!!



Matt S. of Pasadena, Md. 

Matt ordered a custom made strap.. the "MAJESTIC MAPLE LEAF"...

his comment is very long but very worthy of sharing... 

BOB, Just as you'd promised, my strap was waiting for me

when I got home. We had some showers today, but not to worry,

the packaging would have withstood a hurricane!!!  As I'm sure

you hear all the time, pictures could never do this strap any

justice.  It is criminally gorgeous, the stitching, materials,

rolled seams, all top quality.

  The most striking part however is the story behind it all. 

It amazes me that it is still possible in this day and age to find

a craftsman who works as hard as you did to make sure a customer

is getting exactly what they envisioned.  The ideas, samples,

and emailed photos are a lesson to any business in how to get

the customer satisfaction thing right.

  It was really enjoyable to watch the whole thing come together

from ideas to finished product.  The certificate of authenticity

was a class touch a well.  But I'll tell you Bob, the real proof is

when you look at the other straps out there.  I looked at my

2 others and I see huge stamping machines cutting out the leather,

I didn't have a say in picking, not to mention the rows of machine

stitching.... there's just no soul there. To put it bluntly, I have

looked at straps from top strap makers of the world and I am

over joyed I got out of the mass produced market. I may not be

a headliner yet, but I feel like one!!! 

In closing, I think the coolest thing about the entire process

is that I have quite a story to tell when asked where I got my strap. 

Thank you so much, I LOVE it, sincerely, Matt "                                                                                                                     


Matt T. from New Orleans, La. bought 2 straps


They are fantastic--even better, softer, and heavier

than expected.  The black one fits perfectly with my electrics..


David R. from San Francisco, Ca. ordered a custom

"SKYDOG" and his thoughts: Received the strap and she's a beauty!

The quality of the leather and craftsmanship is outstanding.

I really appreciate the excellent work and quick turnaround.


Robert from Glendale, Az. ordered the "RED DRAGON" strap,

very detailed and unique.  I received the RED DRAGON

strap last Friday, It's beautiful!!!!


George M. of League City, Tx. bought "STARDUST RYDER"

one of my favorites and here are his comments. 

I received the STARDUST RYDER today and it is absolutely amazing.

It fits great and I love your extender.  I can't wait to show it

off this weekend. All the guys in the band are gonna flip out.


Curt Z. of New Bedford, Ma. ordered a "SKYDOG" strap,

and said...Bob...WOW... This is without ANY doubt the finest

"work of art" that I have ever seen in my 40 years of guitar playing.

This strap is gorgeous, and I am speechless. 

Stitching-perfect, cut perfect, length perfect,

craftsmanship unequalled, and I have seen and owned many custom

and machine made straps.  This is THE BEST and by far the finest

guitar strap made. (PERIOD)


Dave T. of Albany Ga. bought the Legendary cool strap,

you guessed it "SKYDOG" strap, and he said...The strap arrived today

safe and sound and as beautiful as can be!!! I love it!!!!!


Darren F. of Hanford, Ca. ordered a custom "HOPI DREAMER II"

his exact words...The strap is a work of art.  It's beautiful

in every inch.  Nice work on all aspects. 

Thank you for everything and especially your kindness and sincerity,

I am sure to recommend you to everyone I know.


Bill G. from Alexandria, La. sent this to me about "EL PAJARO"

GORGEOUS STRAP! Fantastic artist.  Yes another repeat customer,

this time he bought "LA ESTRELLA", Bob you are truly a great artist,

it's a pleasure owning your work.


Kent J.  from Houston, Tx. had this to say about "EL TORO"..

Cool and beautiful strap....A man of few words.


Wayne P. in Centerville, Va. had this comment about

"EL OSO GRANDE"....I am very pleased with the quality,

workmanship, and service....


Brad A. of Denver, Co. remarked about "EL COMPADRE".... 

Awesome!!!! Worlds greatest guitar strap...

Beautiful and Comfortable. 

Strap #2 was "OUTLAW" and he said...WOW!

Simply the best guitar strap I have ever seen or owned.

Brad liked the first 2 so much he came back and

bought 2 more "BAR X" & "SKYDOG".


Doc in Ohio loved his strap... "EL REY PAJARO"..

his statement was Thanks for the beautiful

handcrafted strap, everyone who sees it is impressed with it.


Monte C. from Texas commented about his new strap

"EL DIAMANTE" is beautiful and looks perfect,

I must say Thank you one more time...


Jamie "Mr. Wolfgang" from New York was my first online customer

and had "STAR SLIDER" made to order...

Great job, the stars are so cool!!!!


Nenad D. from Glattbrugg, Switzerland

purchased two custom straps "SANTANA IV"


Thank you to our famous "Rock Star" from Switzerland!!!

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