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Bob, the sum of the guitar AND the strap is just amazing

and well beyond what I imagined! Thanks (times three) for

spoiling me so with your wonderful works of art!


Yikes!!!!!! Bob these straps are beautiful !!!!

What a great job on both items. 

Thanks again for such a high quality and professional product.


OH MY GAWD!!! I am soooo pleased, that is just beautiful.

I am flabbergasted.


What a magnificent artist you are-- I had as much fun

deciding which strap to purchase as I'm sure I shall

wearing it on my recently purchased Martin.

You've heard about 'votin' with your feet--consider this

second order to be 'votin' with my wallet.! Your straps are

already three steps above my highest expectations!


I am unable to adequately describe how this strap has

made me feel and what it means to me just seeing the

images of it.  Beautiful is a good start, but more importantly

it is significant, meaningful, and filled with symbolism.

  After a few days with the strap, it does make a world

of difference.  Not only is it unique and beautifully

made, it is also very comfortable.  I have two fairly

heavy guitars , they are much easier on my back now. 

Thanks again for an awesome piece of work.


Johnny M received the "Flame Thrower"  strap today. 

I'm speechless... I love the way it looks and

I was absolutely blown away by how heavy and rugged

it felt when I unpacked it. You can just feel the quality

and superb craftsmanship when you hold it.


Penny F. lives close by in Phoenix, Az...she just received

her new strap "THE EAGLE" she bought for her husband..

"Awesome strap, He loves it.." she wrote back to say.


Charlie M. lives in Fullerton, Ca... home of the Fender Guitar Co.

(he knew Leo Fender as a friend!) had me make him 2 straps

"EL NINO" for his acoustic.. and one for his banjo...

Straps are BEAUTIFUL I will order more.. was his comment.


Frank S. of Long Beach, Ca. bought 3 straps


his comments....A+++++Never seen anything this NICE!


Ed S. from across the ocean in Honolulu, Hi. had this to say

about the "WRANGLER" strap..I Love My Strap! The design,

quality, materials used, and craftsmanship is amazing..

I will buy more.. and he did! Next was "DIAMOND LACE"

and then custom ordered "PURPLE HAZE"... his thoughts

I was so impressed... quality materials.. craftsmanship

and design was nothing like I have ever seen...

In Hawaiian when we say something is the best we say "HIKI NO"

That's what Bob and his straps are!!!!!!

Ok Ed is back for his 4th strap... This time a custom order

designed and named by Ed calling it "THE JUSTICE"...

When he received this one he wrote and said

"It is without a doubt the most beautiful strap I have ever seen".


Chris A. hails from St. Louis, Mo.... he bought the

"CHAIN GANG" strap. His comments..Tastefully Artistic...

Superbly Comfortable...

This is the strap I've been searching for!


Jim A. from Montgomery, Tx... ordered 2 straps for his son. 

A custom "STAR SLIDER" and the beautiful "GUN SLINGER"...

he said they are both Wonderful!


Nathan H. lives in Marion, North Carolina,

his comments about his "CROWN ROYALE" custom ordered strap...

Thanks man this strap is so nice!  Heavy & Indestructible.


Mike T.  is from South Gate, Michigan,  got his Christmas

gift "EL CONQUISTADOR" ...nicest strap I have ever seen, he said!


Jason H. from Niagara Falls, N.Y. received his strap

"PANCHO" his comment....In my 30 years of playing guitar

this is the NICEST strap I have ever seenor owned.


Nick D. from Oakdale, Minnesota just received the "VIGILANTE" strap,

he told me I love it!  Its the best looking strap I have ever owned,

and it makes my Les Paul feel like a feather...


Nick D.  also ordered another strap the "SRV TRIBUTE"

made to Nick's specifications. 

He said I Love the looks of it and perfect as the last one.


Tommy D. from the musical state of Fair Hope, Alabama

wrote me about "THE AVENGER". 

What a Super Cool Strap!!!! Best guitar strap I've ever seen.


Mervyn R. from Perthshire, United Kingdom

purchased these two straps "SUNBURST & GOLDEN STARR"

from across the ocean his comments..

True works of art! Stunning Quality..

They will become collectors items.

These straps are Magical! (they improved my playing)


Steve H. who lives in Big Pine Key, Fl. designed this strap

and named it the "RIGHTEOUS ROCKER" his quote...

It looks Amazing and very comfortable, a product worth every penny!

His second strap was named the "DESERT CROSS"..

he wrote this back to me Bob, Thanks for yet another

unique and creative guitar strap. 


are sure to keep me rockin' for the Lord.


Gary R. from Nottingham, United Kingdom

custom ordered a strap he designed and named "STARZ DANCER"

and his comments were "Absolutely Beautiful"...


Markus B. from Ayl, Germany ordered a slim version

of the "BLACK DIAMOND" he wrote back to say..

Thank you for this wonderful piece of Leather Art! 

It's a very very fine guitar strap...


Ed W. of Santa Cruz, Ca. just purchased "SILVER KING"

his comment was WOW Really Nice!!!!

I've never owned a strap this nice...I'll be back!


Art M. from Sacramento, Ca. just got his new strap "CART WHEEL"..

he said "this strap is beautiful.... I love the colors,

craftsmanship is Excellent, the fit is perfect and

feels as good as it gets".


Neal M. of Jamesburg. NJ got his strap "EL TIBURON" today..

It's AWESOME!!  Excellent workmanship and imagination.


Rick N. who lives in Lucas, Ks. is the proud owner of

"THE SILVER DOLLAR" strap, his comment... Very Very Pretty !!!


Tom M. from far away in Manchester, England U.K.

received his strap "LE PHOENIX"..his response,

Now that's what I call a guitar strap!


Steve S. from Missouri City, Tx. got his new strap

"EL BANDITO" today. He says "what an AWESOME strap"

I love it.. I would recommend anyone looking for a unique

handmade USA strap to buy a GUITSTRAPPED strap!!!


Robby S. from San Antonio, Tx. ordered a "BLACK DIAMOND"

his response was I absolutely love it!!!

Your product is even better in real life...


Ken N. from Elgin, Il.  (Windy City way) bought a stock

"BLACK DIAMOND" he said Great Job ... Strap is Wonderful!....


Tom H. from Crawford, Co. purchased "THE AVENGER"

Nicest strap I've ever laid my hands on. 

It's impeccable, I love it!!!!!


Michael K. Sparks, Nv. Ordered a full blown custom no expense

spared and it is beautiful.. It's called "THE NEVADA FLYER"

his words were "SPEECHLESS". It's Beautiful!!! Quality Outstanding

Actually improved my playin....WOW..


Mark V. from Puyallup, Wa.   Ordered a custom strap

with a religious cross on it. I called it "CROSS ROADS"

he calls it "FOR HIM"..  his comments Simple but Classy and

Beautiful... I love it.. Can barely feel the weight of my new Bass...


Elmer M. from Sunset, La.  purchased a strap called "BOLERO"

here is what he had to say.. "What a Beautiful strap,

after I installed it I think my guitar sounded better"

and his ending words, "another satisfied customer in Louisiana.

Then Elmer was back and bought another strap.. his own design


another proud owner. 


Bryan L. My new friend from Kenosha, Wi. 

had his dream strap come true. He designed it... I built it.

and named it the "DEER HUNTER" his comment, 

"It's Beautiful I love it".












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