Custom Leather Guitar Straps

"Designing guitar straps today for the stars of tomorrow"

Fine Leathers / Top Workmanship / Quality Hardware / Superb Comfort

My name is Bob "THE STRAP MAKER". I have played guitar for over 60 years. I started making guitar straps 20 years ago, because I didn't find anything I liked, one thing led to another and I was making straps for guitar friends. Everyone that seen or had one said you need to sell these, so now a hobby turned into a job.

My standards are very high, all my straps get 100% of my attention from start to finish, fine detail end to end. All designs are spur of the moment, whatever comes to mind, things that flow, look good and of course practical.

I usually never make two straps the same so yours will be exclusive and personal. If you have a design, thought or idea, "Lets Talk" and get that special strap made that you have always wanted.

Diana, who is my wife and best friend has joined me to do the embroidery work on straps that require that special touch ... her work is impeccable and together we make a great team at Guitstrapped.

Thanks for your interest in our straps.

                                                                      Bob & Diana

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